Hurry! NRA Family's Last-Minute Holiday Gift Round-Up

There's no minute like the last minute, is there? Try one of these down-to-the-deadline delights this season!

posted on December 10, 2023
Ptarmigan Public Domain Christmas 2023 Lede

Finding the perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones during the holiday season can be quite a challenge at times. Some folks may seem to have it all, while others are just downright picky. Read on for our top picks this holiday season that are sure to please even the most discerning of gift recipients.

LA Police Gear K9 Ammo Can Hide + Seek Toy

Who is to say that Santa doesn’t leave gifts for our four-legged friends under the tree? LAPG has the perfect gift for your pooch that is sure to bring about lots of laughs as Fido runs up and down the halls with his very own grenade. Well, stuffed grenade chew-toy that is! Stored within its very own “ammo can,” which serves as either storage for the contents or even as a chew toy itself, are three stuffed squeaky toys representing not only a grenade, but also a shotshell and a 30mm round. We're not sure who enjoys these toys more … the dogs that receive them or their owners laughing hysterically as they throw stuffed grenades in the backyard. For more information visit

Atlas Target Works: Steel Animal Targets 

Whether you are building an elaborate woods walk for competition amongst friends or simply want a few to give as gifts, the folks at Atlas Target Works have quite the selection of steel animal targets available for purchase. Pictured are a few of their top sellers, including gophers, raccoons, prairie dogs, rabbits, squirrels and more, constructed from your choice of either 3/8” AR 500 or ¼” AR 500 steel.  These targets and more are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, with each one arriving to you unpainted with a ½” mounting hole ready to be hung. If you do not have a way in which to hang your steel, each product has recommended methods available for purchase, such as hooks that mount to a t-post or even a full gong-hanger kit. For more information visit

 LaCrosse AlphaTerra Mens Boots

Are you tired of seeing your husband run around in his camo Crocs? Do you secretly wish the dog would chew them to pieces one fateful night? Elevate his footwear game with a pair of AlphaTerra boots from LaCrosse. Slipping on nice and easy with a side zip closure, these boots are completely waterproof, with a rubber exterior overlaid on top of a layer of neoprene. The traction that the outsole provides is ideal for a wide array of terrains, while the overall construction of the boot itself allows for flexibility and ease of movement during wear. The AlphaTerra Boots are available in both regular and wide-width from sizes 7-15. For more information visit

Black Rifle Coffee Company – 30 Presents Out 

Partnering with veteran-owned company 30 Seconds Out, Black Rifle Coffee Company pays homage to our men and women in the military who are all too familiar with the adrenaline dump that comes along with the last time signal received before reaching their mission objective. This holiday's "30 Presents Out" blend is the ideal brew for parents around the globe needing a major caffeine boost as their kids beg them to start opening gifts long before the sun has begun to rise. Available in your choice of either ground or whole beans, this Costa Rican Arabica is a hearty medium blend with notes of maple, citrus and chocolate. Grab a bag of joe along with one of the many mugs or thermoses also available from BRCC to make a quick and easy gift for anyone needing a little pick-me-up in the mornings. For more information visit

Magpul DAKA Utility Organizer

Creating a med kit or cleaning kit for your range bag? Taking a trip and need to organize your cables and chargers? Looking to make sense of all the small items you carry with you day to day? The DAKA Utility Organizer from Magpul takes DIY organization to a whole new level. Available in your choice of four different colors, this zippered case measures approximately 4.5” x 7.5” x 1.75”, with the interior containing a variety of pockets (both zippered and open), as well as three elastic pass-throughs perfect for charging cables, gun cleaning solutions and more. The reinforced polymer of the case provides enough grip that it won’t slip out of your hand while carrying, or you can attach it to your pack or belt via the built-in carabiner loop. For more information visit

5.11 Skyweight 24L Backpack 

Whether you find yourself embarking on a strenuous hike, hunt or any outdoor adventure requiring you to carry your gear on your back, the Skyweight Backpack from 5.11 is up to the task. This feature-rich pack has a lot of hidden gizmos that will help take the load off so you can enjoy your time outdoors. The 24L interior is accessible either by the large bucket-style zippered opening on top, or by the secondary lower zippers. On top of the bucket-style “lid” opening is a quick-access pocket for items you may need more frequently, such as sunglasses or medication. For those wishing to carry a hydration pack, you'll find an interior sleeve with built-in features for securing it, or you may utilize the elasticized pockets on the left and right sides of the bag to hold your water bottles. The adjustable sternum strap as well as the padded shoulder harness and lumbar pad allow you to carry the pack in comfort while making adjustments as needed for proper weight distribution. Knowing that it’s not always 75 degrees and sunny, 5.11 has incorporated a hidden rain cover for your gear within the bottom portion of the pack. Believe it or not, there are even more features that we’ve yet to mention! For more information visit

Garmont Tactical T8 Athena Boot

Created specifically for women, the Athena T8 boot from Garmont Tactical has quickly become my go-to favorite to wear while getting in some much-needed range time. Constructed from a suede leather upper with Garmont's specialized Diamante outsole, these boots are lightweight, durable and hug your feet in all the right places ... providing structure and support while not limiting flexibility. The design of the Diamante outsole allows for a positive grip on all terrain, whether it be a sandy range, rocky trail or more. The Athena boots are optimized for a woman’s foot with increased levels of support in the arch and a slightly raised heel. Grab a pair for yourself and discover the carefully crafted design and the effortless comfort these shoes provide. For more information visit

Taurus TX22 Compact 

Following in the footsteps of its big brother, the full-size TX-22, this compact version quickly became a popular option for shooters of all ages. With a carrying capacity of 13 rounds, this small yet mighty polymer-framed rimfire has many of the same features as its predecessors, such as an accessory rail up front, a threaded barrel and even the ability to be topped off with the red dot of your choice, as each TX-22 ships optics-ready. With an MSRP of under $400, the decision to add a TX-22 Compact to your loved one's gun safe is a no-brainer. For more information visit

Federal Practice & Defend 9mm

Quite often people who carry a gun for self-defense do not train with the same ammunition that they carry in their firearm. This can be due to several reasons, but most often the culprit is cost ... as there is no denying that defensive ammunition tends to cost significantly more than generic plinking ammunition. Federal has created a solution to this predicament with the launch of its Practice & Defend line. Included in each 100-round pack are 50 rounds of HST Personal Defense and 50 rounds of Syntech Training Match. What makes this combo special is that the included defensive and training rounds have identical trajectories, points of impact and velocities, allowing you to realistically replicate during training the caliber you carry--at a fraction of the cost. For more information visit

Benchmade Mini Bugout Knife 

For those on your gift list who consider themselves knife junkies, look no further than the Mini Bugout Knife. Benchmade has scaled down its previous launch of the Bugout into a smaller version ideal for everyday carry. This lightweight folder features a 2.82" drop-point blade with a closed length of a mere 3.7" and an open length just shy of 6.5". Available in a variety of colorways, the compact footprint of this knife makes it comfortable for pocket carry as you carry about your day. For those looking for a more personalized gift, customization is available, allowing you to choose from a variety of grip, hardware and blade options as well as text and imagery applied to the final product. For more information visit



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