How To Get a Free Day's Admission To the 2016 Great American Outdoor Show

posted on February 9, 2016

If you've been following NRA Publications' coverage of the 2016 Great American Outdoor Show, you've probably already wondered how anybody could see and try everything in just one day. With nearly 1,100 exhibits, over 200 outdoor seminars and demonstrations, daily celebrity appearances, and more than a dozen special events and contests throughout 650,000 square feet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, exploring everything on one ticket would be a pretty tall order. So, the NRA wants to make sure that you get a second chance to check out anything you might have missed with our "Bounce Back Sunday," which is simple: If you attended the week of February 6-13, you can be readmitted free of charge on February 14, the show’s final day by showing a previous day's ticket.  

“We know it can be tough to make it through the Great American Outdoor Show in just one day,” said Kyle Weaver, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. “With Bounce Back Sunday we want to give attendees a final chance to see all the great exhibits and activities we have this year.” 

Purchase tickets to the Great American Outdoor Show and see a complete list of events at

Check out some of the cool stuff you won't want to miss at the show by keeping an eye on this page, and those of our friends at American Hunter and American Rifleman!


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