First Impressions: Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Prep

posted on June 1, 2021

The mercury is rising and we can expect it to stay up for several more months—including spring bear season and archery season in early fall—and that represents a challenge for hunters. Whether you're hoping to make bear sausage or savor a fresh whitetail backstrap, the first thing you'll need to worry about during warm weather is food safety for your wild game. Koola Buck's recent introduction of Anti-Microbial Game Bags promises to be a real game-changer (if you'll forgive the pun).

Koola Buck is a hunting-gear company dedicated to exactly what it sounds like—cooling venison—and to date it's most famous for its portable walk-in coolers. Those coolers, perfect for a hunting expedition with multiple hunters, work beautifully ... but with an MSRP of about $2,500, they're not in every NRA Family's budget. That doesn't mean you have to let flies and microbes to spoil your hard-earned game meat. Now Koola Buck is offering a much more wallet-friendly solution in the form of anti-microbial game bags.

The game bags work because they're suffused with a blend of natural (and flavorless) acids from fruit, which inhibits bacteria growth and stops the wee beasties from feasting on your fresh kill. The bags are made from a tightly-woven, stretch, form-fitting cotton/polyester blend, with a double-stitched bottom, and vacuum sealed for sanitation and easy packing. All told, there are 13 different options available. 

Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags come in several sizes, from individual deer body bags, deer and antelope quarter bags, elk and caribou quarter bags, all the way up to XXL bags for moose and bison! Koola Buck also offers a Heavy Duty line of bags for deer, antelope, wild hogs and more. These Heavy Duty bags are two times thicker than standard bags for added tear resistance. MSRP $8.99 - $39.99, depending on bag chosen.




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