First Impressions: Glock 25 Pistol (by TALO)

The Glock 25, chambered in .380 Auto, is new to American shores and available exclusively through TALO.

posted on December 15, 2023
Glock 25 380 Lede

There's big (little) news for Glock fans this year: TALO Distributors, Inc. is introducing the Glock 25 to the United States commercial market! Up until now, due to various import restrictions, the G25 has only been available in the European market. (It was previously legal to own one, but since they couldn't be imported, the G25 has been very hard to buy.) Now that TALO has secured legal permission, the G25 will be available for sale over the next few months.

The G25 is similar in size and makeup to the G19 and G23. The major difference is that the G25 is chambered in .380 Auto. Available previously in other markets in the world, this version of the G25 is made in Smyrna, GA and available to consumers for the first time in the United States.

Because of its small dimensions, equal to those of the Glock 19, the Glock 25 in the low-recoil .380 caliber can be comfortably carried concealed. Because of the low-recoil firing characteristics of the 380 Auto cartridge, it can be easily and accurately controlled. The G25 has a 4.02 inch barrel, standard 15+1 capacity, and weighs 22.75 ounces with an unloaded magazine.

The catch is that TALO is a wholesaler, not a retailer. That means you can't buy directly from TALO. The retailers with which they work include Camfour, Davidson’s, Gunarama, Iron Valley Supply, Lipsey’s, Rileys, RSR, V.F. Grace and Zanders; your best bet will be to contact one of the aforementioned and ask them to order a G25 for you. 



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