First Impressions: EAA/Girsan MC14T Lady Tip Up Pistol

It's not just a cute name; it's a CCW-ready handgun designed with the modern woman in mind.

posted on December 11, 2023
Eaa Girsan Mc14 T Lady Tip Up

There's not much left of 2023, but it seems that EAA/Girsan has been saving the best for last. Coming in just under the wire is the company's new MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol, a semi-automatic solution that was created for ease of loading and unloading--no slide racking necessary. This means that the MC14T handgun is an ideal solution for those who struggle with reduced hand strength and beginners. Based on the original MC14T and perfected for concealed carry, it's designed with the modern woman in mind, offering a combination of style, precision and reliability that sets it apart from the rest.

EAA states that the MC14T is the easiest loading and unloading pistol on the market, and that's a bold claim ... but with the Tip-Up barrel feature, the slide does not need to be racked for a round to be chambered. Just tip up the barrel to load a round, lock it, disengage the safety and fire!

The Lady Tip-Up has other features that beginners will appreciate (even if they don't know why yet). First, the MC14T offers a ported barrel design that disperses gas from the barrel. This in turn reduces recoil, which is key to developing confidence and marksmanship. It also enables quicker follow-up shots and increased overall control during rapid-fire strings.

The front sight is machined into the barrel, which provides the shooter with faster target acquisition. This makes it an ideal choice for self-defense and target shooting, where accuracy and handling are paramount. Chambered in the popular .380 ACP, the MC14T offers a great balance between manageability and stopping power.

This also just happens to be a very aesthetically pleasing pistol. The frame features a sleek gloss black finish that is perfectly complemented by gold small parts, adding an element of luxury to this high-performance firearm. The engraved wood grips not only enhance the pistol's aesthetic appeal but also provide a comfortable and secure hold for improved accuracy.

Each MC14T Lady Tip-Up pistol comes with an exclusive embroidered pistol rug that matches the pistol's aesthetics. This accessory ensures your firearm stays protected during storage or transport, while also adding a touch of sophistication. MSRP $682;



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