First Impressions: Federal Premium's Line of Field & Range Gun Cases

Designed by hunters and shooters for the range, field and blind ... all with you in mind.

posted on June 19, 2024
Federal Premium Gun Case Lede

It's here: Federal Ammunition's Field & Range accessory lineup is hitting stores! Federal recently introduced what it's calling the Federal Field & Range product line, which includes stylish and functional shotgun and scoped rifle cases. Featuring up to 12 pounds of flotation, each case features quality zippers, robust padding and rugged, waterproof 600-denier polyester construction. 

The product line includes four pieces: a 78" shotgun case in Realtree MX7, a 52" shotgun case in Realtree MX7, a 48" scoped rifle case in gray, and a 48" scoped rifle case in gray. All feature black trim or accents and have an MSRP of $59.99.Hunters will appreciate the line's rugged, long-lasting fabric; protective foam padding (that floats!); durable fabric lining that lets your gun slide in easily; easy-to-grab double zipper pull; padded web carry handle; easy-grab zippered accessory pocket with structured lid; detachable, adjustable sling with large EZ swivel clips; and a large, easy-to-grab hanging loop.

Additionally, The Federal Tri-Fold Gun Case folds down for easy storage and is built with rugged, long-lasting material that keeps firearms safe. This case protects firearms during transport without having to deal with bulky gear. It features rugged, long-lasting fabric; protective foam padding; a fold-over flap with an adjustable quick-release buckle; durable fabric lining that lets the gun slide in easily; an adjustable length sling with sliding pad; reinforced muzzle end; and a D-ring hanging loop. MSRP is $39.99.


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