First Impressions: Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber Folding Handgun Tool

posted on April 3, 2019

Birchwood Casey has a cool new product for handgun shooters, and the name alone should give you an idea of what it does: the Gun Plumber Folding Handgun Tool. If you're an experienced shooter, you know that sometimes you need to make a quick adjustment on the range so you can get your pistol back in the game. The Gun Plumber multi-tool has everything you need to keep your 1911, striker-fired pistol or revolver driving tacks like usual. It's compact, it's easy to use and it has all the hardy functionality you expect from Birchwood Casey. Best of all, the MSRP is just $20, which will pay for itself in time, energy (and even gunsmithing fees!) within a range trip or three.

This itty-bitty wonder has a load of functions and applications. To begin, there's an integral patch loop and separate internal threaded rod for quick and effective bore cleaning. (These applications also function well as squib rods, should you run into that kind of ammunition problem!) Additionally, the new Gun Plumber features four specifically sized hollow ground, flat screwdriver blades that fit most popular pistol and revolver screws. For striker-fired pistols, the Gun Plumber Handgun Tool has a pin pusher which can double as a sight tool as well. A durable non-marring 1911-barrel bushing wrench is also incorporated. Last but not least, a selection of hex and torx blades are available for grip screws and general utility.

The Gun Plumber Multi Tool is now available on the Birchwood Casey website and anywhere else Birchwood Casey products are found. 




person preparing against home invasion with shotgun
person preparing against home invasion with shotgun

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