Chore Cheat-Code

posted on December 18, 2013

Hunting and shooting are so much fun…cleaning the guns? Not so much. Well, not until now, anyway. Remington’s new Squeeg-E cleaning systems might just be the cheat-code that turns this messy chore into a quick, simple task. The Rem Squeeg-E is a stiff plastic plug that you tug through the barrel, removing all debris in one simple pass. (We tried it and couldn’t believe the results!) There are multiple different configurations for all types of guns, but we recommend the Rem Squeeg-E Universal Field Cleaning System to start. Featuring 10 Squeeg-Es, two universal bore brushes, and Rem All In Bore Cleaner, the 23-piece kit gives you everything you need to clean handguns, rifles and shotguns from .22-cal. to 12-gauge.


Jenna Larsen Lede
Jenna Larsen Lede

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