Celebrating Suppressor Legislation in Iowa With a Shooting Match

posted on April 7, 2016
March 31 marked a momentous day in Iowa history: That's the day House File 2279, which legalized firearm suppressors in Iowa, was enacted. To celebrate this exciting development, the American Suppressor Association (ASA), in partnership with Brownells, will host the Iowa Suppressor Rally on Saturday, April 16. This shoot will be free and open to the public, and will offer Iowans the chance to  see, hear, and shoot firearms equipped with suppressors from a wide array of manufacturers. The rally will be held at the Big Springs Shooting Complex just east of Searsboro, Iowa, about an hour east of Des Moines. All guns and ammo will be provided at the rally; attendees are asked to leave personal firearms at home or in their vehicles. 

Why is this recent legislation such a victory for Iowa gun owners? As we've pointed out in NRA Family before, suppressors help reduce hearing damage due to firearm-generated noise...and they also reduce recoil, which makes shooting much more fun. "After three years of hard work alongside the Iowa Firearms Coalition and the National Rifle Association," said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the ASA, "Iowans will finally be able to use suppressors to protect their hearing while enjoying the shooting sports." Continued Williams, "This rally is an opportunity for us to show the people of Iowa why we have all fought so hard to legalize suppressors in The Hawkeye State. Hearing is believing, which is why we want you to join us as we celebrate the new law and recognize those who helped this legislation become reality."

"Iowans can now enjoy the same freedom as those in many other states and countries," said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. "I suffer from hearing loss myself. Being able to dampen the noise associated with firearms will help protect the hearing of all Iowans who shoot, including future generations of Iowa gun owners. We hope anyone wanting to learn more about suppressors can make it to the rally." 

Representatives from the Iowa Firearms Coalition, National Rifle Association and American Suppressor Association will be on hand at the rally. 

Big Springs Shooting Complex is located at 4945 Highway 146, just east of Searsboro, Iowa.


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