All-New 2022: Bushnell Broadhead Rangefinder

posted on January 19, 2022

Anything that leaves the earth's surface falls to the ground at a rate of 9.8m/s, regardless of lateral motion. That's all trajectory is--a physical property that is important to anybody trying to hit targets at different distances. I’ll spare you the math, but essentially to hit an unknown distance target you first need to estimate that distance so you can get an idea of how high above it to aim. Laser range finders are terrific at this, as they fire a laser at the target and calculate how far away it is based on how long it took to get back to the unit. These instruments have been around for decades but, unfortunately for the archer, are geared to be most accurate at distances beyond 200 yards. For 2022 Bushnell extended its hand for our fellows of the string with the Broadhead Laser Range Finder.

The Broadhead was developed with the input of pro archer and world record-breaker Tim Gillingham to be accurate to within a foot of the target distance inside of 150 yards, no matter what color or texture it is. The new range finder from Bushnell is built from an all-glass (as opposed to plastic) optical system that delivers images that are twice as bright, with a 50% increase of the field of view (when compared to similar). In addition to being super accurate inside of walking distances, the Broadhead can also range reflective targets out to as far as 1500 yards.

At this year’s SHOT Show I had time to pick one up and test it out at the booth. Bushnell went ahead and hung a reflective target at a measured 21.7 yards and obtained a competitor's rangefinder that costs quite a deal more for comparison. When using the Broadhead, I found less than one-tenth of a yard of variation between the reflective target reading and the matte material that it was hanging on. As for the competitor, it showed more than a 10% variance. MSRP to be announced, but we have been assured that it will be extremely competitive.





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