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posted on October 29, 2019

Cohesion and positivity are more important now than ever in the pro-Second Amendment community. We must continue to stay in the fight by promoting the entire shooting-sports community—hunters, recreational shooters, competitive shooters and self-defenders—especially at the state and local levels.

The NRA has many affiliated organizations under its wing and is proud of every single one of them. Without the local clubs and the individuals associated with them, there would be no reason to fight the good fight. The organization itself is there to serve its members and support those who believe in the Second Amendment and want to share it with others in safe, helpful and fun environments. One way in which the NRA gives back to its members and those associated with its clubs and associations is providing a quarterly digital magazine containing insightful, useful and uplifting information.

Titled NRA Club Connection, this digital magazine, which we deliver to you via e-mail, informs club readers about various NRA Programs including Eddie Eagle and Refuse to be a Victim, as well as lending advice on range services, sharing club success stories, available classes and schools one can attend, shooters’ news and so much more. Elizabeth Bush, managing director of Community Engagement at the NRA states, “The Club Connection connects our NRA affiliated clubs and businesses through its articles selected to inspire clubs to host programs, activate their members and work with NRA in promoting safety and education opportunities for novice to experienced shooters, hunters and Second Amendment activists.”

In the most recent issue, feature articles included NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge, NRA’s launch of an Adaptive Hunting Database, the 100th Anniversary of NRA Smallbore and information on the NRA Gold Medal Club. All this is available at no cost at all and it’s easy to sign up.

An issue will arrive in your e-mail inbox during each season throughout the year, so you are sure to be kept informed on pertinent news as well as the possibility of your club or association being highlighted in an article—especially in the case of a grant given to your club. Additionally, the magazine also accepts article submissions from affiliated clubs, associations and Business Alliance affiliates for consideration. So, readers can experience club news first-hand created for those who are actively participating in the club or organization. (You can’t get more grassroots than that!) NRA Club Connection truly honors those that put in the effort and hard work to continue exercising one of the best rights as an American, which benefits not only the people involved, but the nation’s public as a whole.

If you or someone you know is part of an NRA club or association, then this is the publication for you…and subscribing is simple. All you have to do is click on this link and fill out your name, your club name and your email. To check out the latest edition go to   



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