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Video Review: Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter

Although Thompson/Center is perhaps best known for their fine muzzleloading rifles, they've proven with their recent introduction of the T/C Encore Pro Hunter that they're reaching out to centerfire and slug-gun hunters and shooters, too. This single-shot break-action gun offers shooters the ability to quickly and easily switch barrels, transforming the gun from a muzzleloader, to a fully rifled slug gun for shotgun hunting, to a centerfire rifle. In fact, the T/C Encore Pro Hunter offers your choice of 20 chamberings in popular calibers such as .460 S&W, .270 Win., 20-gauge and more.

This hardy but relatively lightweight gun has all of the backbone necessary to handle these tough-recoiling loads, but it doesn't ask the shooter to absorb all that recoil. The Encore Pro Hunter's stock features a series of pliable inserts in the butt and the comb, as well as a Limbsavr recoil pad, to keep things as comfortable as possible for the shooter. Additionally, each barrel comes drilled and tapped for optics, so that the shooter can simply switch barrels with the optics attached...thus preserving their zero.

Thanks to the nearly endless options this rifle offers, it's ideal for families seeking an inexpensive way to maintain a gun suitable for hunting, target shooting and self-defense all in one. It's also got some really great safety features that will help instill gun safety and discipline in new shooters. In this video, American Hunter's Adam Heggenstaller walks you through all of the safety features and how-tos of this revolutionary new hunting long gun.

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