What Camo Does Santa Wear?

Here's how Santa helps keep hidden from the prying eyes of children (if not NORAD).

posted on December 4, 2023
Realtree Santa

Breaking news! Realtree and Santa Claus are pleased to announce a renewed and lifetime agreement, solidifying Realtree as the official camo of Christmas for years to come. This marks the second year of their the partnership, and with a lifetime term, the collaboration is expected to bring even more cheer and joy this season as Santa prepares to make his holiday journey decked out in Realtree camo once again.

Santa Claus, ever committed to delivering joy to children worldwide, will be equipped with an assortment of trusted gear for his Christmas duties. “Lots has happened over the past year,” noted Claus. Santa continued, “That whole crew at Realtree has been working with loads of manufacturers and brands this year, and it’s is going to be fun seeing the smile on peoples’ faces when they open up presents and see what Realtree has in store.” Top-of-the-line products and brands including Thaca gear, ArcticShield's all-new Prodigy line, King’s Camo, Gator Waders boots and waders, Nomad apparel, bags/packs from the Allen Company and more are aboard Santa’s sleigh.

The dynamic assortment of Realtree decorated apparel, hard goods and accessories offers Claus everything he needs when taking flight on Christmas Eve, from layering for warmth, to the assurance he needs to remain hidden from prying eyes within Realtree camo patterns. Activation around the program will also include Santa showcasing product in action and even some behind-the-scenes looks detailing how Santa fell in love with the outdoors and how he manages his day-to-day operation.

Many will enjoy exclusive content and even some of the best-kept stories — and even misconceptions — around how Rudolph joined the team of reindeer (unconfirmed reports indicate that ‘Red Nose’ was caught on Santa’s Spartan trail cam as he was getting being taunted by a group of raccoons guarding a corn pile). 

Realtree’s Bill Jordan was asked what the lifetime deal as the official camo of Christmas means for the brand.

“Santa drove a hard bargain," he said. "Lifetime deals are hard to come by and we really had to make sure we were prepared to deliver on our end as well. We feel like between the assortment of licensed products we offer and the seasonal demand we see every year, this is going to continue to be lots of fun,” said Jordan. He continued, “Last year our customers and B2B partners really enjoyed seeing what Realtree and Santa pulled off together.”

With this lifetime agreement, Realtree and Santa Claus are committed to delivering a magical Christmas season filled with joy, laughter and the spirit of the holidays. Keep an eye out for camo Santa, too. He is real, after all ... and he’s tougher than ever to see when he’s wearing Realtree! 


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