Video: How to Call Deer

If you want to tempt a deer in close, you'll need to learn to speak their language. Here's how.

posted on November 15, 2023

All experienced deer hunters know that deer have a language all their own. From the soft mew of a doe calling her hidden fawns to come in for dinner, to the rutting buck's rage grunts, each vocalization has a specific meaning to the herd. If you can learn to speak that language, you can bring deer much closer to your stand for a better, more ethical harvest. The experts at the National Deer Association scout, hunt and study deer as a full-time job, and with both the latest research and the accumulated real-world wisdom of the eons at their disposal, they have some terrific hints. In this great video, you'll learn what the various calls mean ... and how to make them, either with your own voice or with the wide variety of commercial calls on the market. 


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