Umarex, Student Air Rifle Program & MidwayUSA Foundation: Collaborating for Youth Shooting Sports

What do you need to teach gun safety to the next generation? Expertise, equipment ... and endowments!

posted on February 3, 2024
Midwayusa Air Rifle
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It's a triple play for the future of the shooting sports! MidwayUSA Foundation, the Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) and Umarex USA are all working together to introduce target shooting to school-aged youth grades 4 through 12. SAR provides the expertise, Umarex the equipment and MidwayUSA Foundation the cash grants to make it all happen.

You may already know MidwayUSA Foundation as the leading advocate for youth shooting sports, providing annual cash grants to youth shooting teams and state, regional and national organizations. The Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) is an organization that relies on a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment to cover critical expenses. Umarex is one of the nation's leading air gun manufacturers. Together, they're helping teach gun safety, marksmanship, leadership, patience and so much more.

Schools rely on SAR to provide quality equipment to teach the curriculum. That quality equipment includes Umarex air guns. Jake Hindman, SAR President/CEO, talked about the longevity of this partnership. “Umarex USA was at the table for the genesis of SAR. Their long-term commitment helps students Shoot For Success on the range and in life. We are grateful to Umarex USA for continuing to invest in tomorrow’s youth through shooting sports education.” In addition to providing equipment, Umarex has also donated to SAR’s MidwayUSA Foundation endowment, which is matched through the annual donation match program.

“So many of us began our shooting sports experience with an airgun, and it's important to our family-owned company and our employees that we help foster that same beginning for the youth of tomorrow. That's why we were honored when the Student Air Rifle program approached us as a potential partner in youth shooting sports education. While we remain committed to donating a portion of each sale of the Umarex Emark youth air rifle to SAR, we also realize that additional support through the MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment helps to ensure that target shooting remains a lifetime sport that you can participate in from youth through adulthood,” said Justin Biddle, Umarex USA, Vice-President of Marketing.

Umarex USA is a platinum donor to SAR’s endowment, giving over $10,000 and helping the organization reach a balance of over $350,000. SAR has received over $54,000 in annual cash grants and the endowment model ensures SAR receives cash grant funds every year, in perpetuity.

John Linquist, MidwayUSA Foundation Relationship Manager added, “Programs like SAR develop excellent gun safety habits, self-discipline, and leadership skills while opening a whole new world of opportunities for the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts. By supporting SAR’s endowment and offering high-quality air rifles, Umarex USA is investing in the future of the shooting industry.” For a full list of organizations funded by MidwayUSA Foundation visit


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