P08 Targets And Gun

Reviewed: Umarex Legends P-08 Airgun

Want a firing replica of one of the Allied Forces' most desired war trophies of World War II?

Reviewed: Umarex Legends German MP 40 Airgun

This replica CO2-powered airgun is an affordable piece of 20th Century history.

Reviewed: Umarex Legends M1A1 "Tommy" BB Gun

A historical, fully automatic, look-alike BB gun that is fun to shoot is within your grasp. Look no further than the Legends M1A1 for a nice display piece that churns out BBs blazingly fast!

Reviewed: Umarex’ Legend M712 Blowback

Fan of historical firearms? This BB gun offers a history lesson, accuracy and all the fun you can handle.

All-New 2022: Umarex Air Javelin Pro

Powered by carbon dioxide and little louder than a zephyr ... it's all-new for 2022!

Reviewed: Umarex' M29 Air Revolver

It looks and feels like the classic "Dirty Harry" Smith & Wesson...but it's an airgun!

SHOT 2020: Umarex's AirJavelin

The odds will ever be much more in your favor.

Ruger Air Hawk from Umarex

1000 fps is a pretty powerful air rifle.

Umarex's Air Guns at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Umarex's Justin Biddle explains how their new Colt revolver air guns make great training tools.


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