Top 4 Podcasts for Gun Owners

posted on July 13, 2015

Is there anything better than finding the perfect podcast? Of course there is, but listening to a podcast that speaks to your interests, offers new insights, and makes you laugh will brighten your day. Here’s our list of four podcasts for hunters, families and gun enthusiasts. Enjoy!

1. Wild Game Hunting
Korby Taylor hosts "Wild Game Hunting," the monthly podcast for all those out there who are passionate about hunting. The show covers hunting all types of game animals, such as turkey and deer, as well as methods like bow and rifle. Each episode offers hunting tips from professionals, a lesson from the field, product reviews, interviews with industry professionals, hilarious and touching stories, and much more. Listen to improve your hunting knowledge and abilities, or just to be entertained. Scroll through their archives, as they're vast, and share a favorite. Listen for free right here:

2. Gun Guy Radio
Stated in their mission is “Expand the shooting sports into the 'mainstream' of American culture and entertainment.” Well, "Gun Guy Radio" is doing just that. Hosts Ryan Michad and Jack Challand, president of Firearms Radio Network, aim their topics to help and inform new or returning shooters, but gun enthusiasts and shooters of all levels will enjoy the show. The hosts discuss firearms history, how to purchase a gun (in person and online), manufacturer FAQs, product reviews, gun defense techniques—the long list of topics is nearly overwhelming. So, visit their site and listen for yourself!

3. Survivalist Prepper
"Survivalist Prepper"’s episodes converse about situations we hope we will never have to face, but they provide necessary knowledge so you are able to evaluate your set of circumstances and the actions you should take. That said, listening to the extreme situations they cover, in extreme detail, is fun to picture. I found myself lost in thought, imagining myself in the dilemma they were describing.

If you are more practical, don’t dismiss this podcast. They cover more realistic topics like first aid and what to use and not use (episodes SPP093 and SPP092), how to read people (SPP088), prepping with a special needs family (SPP063), and how to improve your critical thinking (SPP051). Give their show a chance; the hosts are bright and interesting, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

4. Women’s Outdoor News
Yes! The WON now has their own podcast, and it’s just as informative and interesting as their website. The show is hosted by Barbara Baird and Stacy Bright, the amazing ladies of Women’s Outdoor News. They have curtailed this podcast to be very family-forward by discussing topics on how to raise an outdoor-loving child, expecting parents and family perseverance though times of hardship. The WON podcasts have even more to offer: They interview world-class competitors, cover hunts and fishing adventures,and they even address how to fit a hiking boot properly (if you’ve seen Wild with Reese Witherspoon you know how important that can be). Visit WON to start listening:


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