Silencer Central: Fastest Barrel-Threading in the West

You don't have to buy a whole new rifle to fit a silencer ... just have your old favorite threaded!

posted on June 16, 2023
Silencer Central Barrel Threading

Given how many firearms come suppressor-ready straight from the manufacturer these days, shooters could be forgiven for thinking that's the only way to put a can on your gun. That's not so! You can absolutely have the barrel of your favorite firearm "threaded," which is a gunsmithing process. How much of a process is it? Well, that all depends on who you've tasked ... if it's Silencer Central, then they'll handle it for you (and quickly). 

In fact, it's the fastest barrel threading service in the Nation. The unique service allows you to simply strip your rifle down to a barreled action for easy handling, while Silencer Central handles the rest.

Thanks to Silencer Central’s state-of-the-art, in-house commercial lathe (CNC), firearm enthusiasts can ship their gun to Silencer Central or drop it directly at its Sioux Falls, S.D. headquarters for threading. Silencer Central offers a 360-shipping service so you can easily and safely take care of shipping your rifle to and from its facility, a free thread protector for all barrels and a padded gun case. Each caliber is carefully threaded to meet the highest specifications with a certified, full-time gunsmith on staff.

"From the company that made the process of owning a suppressor easy, from working with the ATF to getting the product to you, Silencer Central even has a barrel threading process and threads a ton of barrels each year, which ensures precision,” said Ike Eastman, president of Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. “This made it so easy to have my rifles suppressor-ready!"

“In just three steps, our team of certified machinists will thread your barrels according to your order form specifications, add a thread protector and ship your threading order back to you,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “We’re proud to offer this elite service to our customers. We complete over 5,000 threaded barrels per year and will continue to offer the most innovative products and services in the game.”

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