NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Jamie Lear Reviews: Spyderco ARK

posted on October 27, 2017
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is a well-liked and trusted company for many groups and people. The ARK (Always Ready Knife) is small, dependable, easy-to-access, and always there for you. The knife was created by U.S. Army Combat Veteran John Shirley and Sam Owens. Their reasoning behind this piece of work was self-defense. This knife was made with H-1 steel having a serrated blade, the H-1 steel provides you with a blade that will not rust. This knife is an efficient carry. It has a sheath that hangs around one’s neck and can simply be hidden under one’s clothing. The sheath has a simple release that when pushed back one can easily pull out the knife without having to look! The knife and sheath, all together, only weigh a grand total of 2.0 ounces; it’s practically weightless! It is super easy to grip, even with wet hands. It is small, dependable, efficient and well recommended for self-defense. I really like everything about the ARK and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for this kind of protection, but it is also good for simple everyday uses.
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