NRA Family Fun: DIY Wild-Game Snack Sticks With Hi Mountain

Got a freezer full of wild game, bored kids and time to fill? Here's a fun project!

posted on March 31, 2020

You don't need a Coronavirus pandemic to find yourself with a bored family that needs something useful to do, nor do you need a state-mandated quarantine to discover that you've got a season's worth of wild game that's just going to get freezer burned if you don't find a use for it. One of the most entertaining, educational and ethical ways to teach kids to use every part of the harvested animal is to enlist them in the fun of making your own jerky, snack sticks, sausages and more. You don't have to be an expert butcher to make delicious (and extremely long-lasting) snacks--in fact, we have a nice video tutorial right here. If you weren't lucky enough to inherit Grandma's special spice recipe, Hi Mountain Seasonings has got you covered with a wide array of easy (and inexpensive) solutions. 

Wild game is among the healthiest sources of protein available; venison is one of the only "red meats" that cardiologists allow their patients. What's more, jerky and snack sticks store beautifully, making them an excellent part of your home-preparedness plan. Kids won't just learn fundamentals of cooking that will serve them well for the rest of their lives--they'll also feel useful and needed right here and now. 

“You don’t need a smoker or dehydrator with our products,” said Hans Hummel, owner of Hi Mountain. “You can make all of our delicious products in the oven in mere hours.”

Hi Mountain Seasonings Jerky, Sausage and Snackin’ Stick kits allow your family make your own nutritionally balanced, high-protein snack at a fraction of the cost of store-bought jerky (Have you seen those prices recently? Ouch!), and you will have fun doing it. You get to select the meat, poultry or fish that you want to use and with 25 different Jerky kits to choose from and three great variety packs,14 Snackin’ Stick kits and 13 Sausage kits, finding a flavor to please even the most finicky palate is easy.

Each Jerky Cure & Seasoning kit will season up to 15 pounds of meat, retails for $8.49 and includes one package of cure, one package of seasoning, a shaker bottle for easy mixing and detailed instructions. A Snackin’ Stick kit will season up to 20 pounds of ground meat, retails for $22.99 and contains two 3.0 oz. seasoning packets, two 4.2 oz. cure packets, and four strands of 21 mm collagen casings. With retail pricing between $19.99 and $21.99, each Hi Mountain Seasoning Sausage or Bologna kit will season between 18 and 30 lbs. of ground meat—depending upon the type of kit—and each includes all the seasoning, cure and casings required.

These are challenging times, but with these DIY kits, you can entertain, educate and create some delicious, healthy snacks with their kids! To order from the comfort of your home, Click Here.



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