New for 2024: Mossy Oak Country Roots Camouflage

Where the roots go as deep as tradition and wide as the sky, you'll find Mossy Oak Country Roots.

posted on January 29, 2024
Mossy Oak Country Roots

Mossy Oak's roots run deep in the American country. The company's Bottomland pattern is probably the most easily recognizable among hunters, but that doesn't mean that Mossy Oak is ready to rest on its laurels. New for 2024 is a revolutionary flagship pattern, Country Roots, which is a natural blossoming of the classic Bottomland. It's a whole new level of concealment. 

The Country Roots pattern offers a blend of natural elements that provide unparalleled concealment for hunters. Though the pattern was born in Mississippi, the variety of simple and true to nature elements create an unmatched effectiveness for use in various landscapes around the country. As with all of its offerings, Mossy Oak recognizes the crucial importance in connecting the outdoor way of life with their patterns. The Country Roots pattern not only represents a piece of nature, but it also represents the generational lifestyle and traditions that naturally come along with hunting.

“When designing Country Roots, the newest pattern in our collection of offerings, we wanted to really pay homage to Bottomland, our original pattern and, naturally, our company heritage. We layered simple and true-to-nature elements with Bottomland as the core base of the pattern; the final result finds itself an incredibly effective concealment pattern that can be used in a variety of landscapes across the country,” says Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President of Mossy Oak. For more information, visit!



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