Leave No Trace With ALPS Mountaineering’s LNT80 Trash & Firewood Hauler

You may be there to take more than photographs, but you don't have to leave anything but footprints.

posted on July 25, 2023

"Take only photographs and leave nothing but footprints" is a decent enough motto when it's not hunting season ... but even if your outdoor adventure involves taking home some wild game for the table, you can certainly do your very best to leave no trace behind. "Leave No Trace" is an established outdoor philosophy that's based on some pretty solid science. That's where the "LNT" in ALPS Mountaineering's new LNT80 Trash and Firewood Hauler comes from, and that's how you can easily get rid of the detritus we humans carry everywhere we go. 

The other part of its name, the 80, is the liter capacity of the firewood hauler ... and that is plenty of storage space to keep smelly trash out of your car. Designed to fit securely and safely to external-mounted spare tires and tailgates, the LNT80 is the perfect way to haul trash and transport firewood to and from a campsite while keeping your vehicle clean and making room for other essential gear. With a capacity of up to 50 pounds and an easy-to-clean PVC construction, the LNT80 is crafted with heavy-duty hardware. 

The system attaches to spare tires and tailgates with an innovative strap design that allows the main bag to be quickly removed from the mounting straps for emptying, cleaning and storage. Also included is a vinyl-coated security cable to keep the LNT80 safely attached to your rig.

Leave No Trace is a critical practice to keep our wild lands litter-free and enjoyable for generations to come. The LNT80 makes this an easy philosophy to follow when overlanding or primitive camping, and it keeps your vehicle clean and organized in the process. It's a win for you and a win for the environment. MSRP $199.99; AlpsMountaineering.com.



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