Launching 2023: Winchester's New 400 Legend Cartridge

Bypass the "bottle-neck" with Winchester Ammunition's latest big-game chambering!

posted on April 16, 2023
Winchester 400 Legend

There are several states that restrict what we call "bottle-necked" cartridges for hunting for reasons too numerous to detail here ... and that's why Winchester Ammunition has just introduced the 400 Legend, a new straight-walled cartridge to get you past the bottleneck. Offering superior ballistics for both hunters and sport shooters, the new-for-2023 400 Legend is an optimum choice for any hunter who wants a cartridge with moderate recoil and excellent terminal performance--particularly in hunting situations within 300 yards. 

The 400 Legend is going to be legendary for several reasons, but the biggest is that it has essentially deleted felt recoil for the shooter and re-entered it downrange. What do we mean? Well, the 400 Legend offers similar energy levels as the .450 Bushmaster round, but with 20% less perceived recoil behind the trigger. You'll see where the recoil went when you look at this round's downrange performance. It offers a full 20% more terminal energy than the hard-hitting .30-30 and 25% more energy than the 350 Legend. In fact, it offers a full 100% more energy than a 12-gauge slug at 100 yards with 55% less recoil!

Early testing shows that it's optimum for deer, pigs, black bears and other big- and dangerous game.  with significant advantages in ballistics performance, recoil and penetration. “As the leader in cartridge development, the 400 Legend is a testament to our Winchester team that continues to prioritize innovative products and our world-renowned brand,” said Ben Frank, senior product manager for Winchester Ammunition. “Our recent successes in the development of the 6.8 Western and 350 Legend demonstrates our ability to offer hunters and sport shooters tremendous value. Our legacy in manufacturing high-quality products with improved ballistics is unrivaled.”
Winchester 400 Legend ammunition will begin shipping in July; and 400 Legend chambered rifles will be offered in the coming year from: Mossberg, Ruger, Savage Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms, CMMG and more. For more information, visit!


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