Hogue Grips for Pocket Pistols

posted on November 21, 2014

If you have a pocket pistol for concealed carry that's got too much recoil, a Hogue Grip is just what you need to give your hand some respite. Many women, or men buying for women, have flocked to the popular pocket pistols in .380 for their concealability. It's easy to conceal or store a gun like the Ruger LCP .380, which is exactly why I bought it. The one big problem with the LCP is it's not fun to shoot. From the polymer frame to the ammunition and size, this little pistol delivers less-than-desirable recoil to the shooter. So what better way to reduce recoil than with a grip?

The Hogue Grip for the Ruger LCP comes in black, pink and purple, for less than $11, depending on the model. The two models include the regular Handall Hybrid Ruger LCP Grip Sleeve and the Handall Hybrid Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Button Grip, allowing for a grip that doesn't obstruct the pistol's laser. The grip reduces felt recoil, making it much easier to handle.

If you don't believe me, check out these reviews from Amazon customers:

Mogwai: This grip sleeve is great. Let's face it the LCP is very slim and that's a good thing, but if you're wanting a light, well-made grip to help fill out the LCP handle then look no further. It does reduce FELT recoil, the snap is still there but with the grip having a fuller handle it makes it more manageable. I have had this grip on for about a month and it's working out very good. I have not found where the rubber sleeve grips or hangs up on clothing,  nor have I noticed it wanting to slip out of my hand when at the practice range. You will need to knock on the factory rear frame pin and bottom butt plate in order to fit the grip sleeve on. It's a very straightforward process, there are also instructions provided to help you with the installation. All in all I rate this a 10 out of 10, five stars or whatever you wanna say to explain this is a great product and upgrade at a great price for your LCP.

Robert: Previously had a Packmyr grip installed on my LCP and it felt nice but it would move around a bit which I didn't like. Ordered the Hogue grip and it's amazing, fit is PERFECT, it does not move/slide, and has the perfect amount of thickness in the right place! Does not interfere with magazine operation and looks great! If you have an LCP the Hogue grip is a MUST have along with the extended magazine and get the TUFF size 11 holster perfect for the back pocket of your Levi's!

If you end up buying one, here's a helpful video on how to install the grip.


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