First Impressions: Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Comp OSP

This exciting new pistol features an integral compensator, offering reduced muzzle rise and better control.

posted on June 4, 2024
Springfield Hellcat Osp Pro June 24

Ever wondered why there are so few firearms that have integrated muzzle devices? Today, we've learned that Springfield Armory's engineers wondered about that, too, with the introduction of the new-for-2024 Hellcat Pro Comp OSP 9mm pistol. This pistol has a compensator built right into it, which reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise. Both recoil and "muzzle flip" hinder accuracy and shot-to-shot recovery even for pros ... let alone new shooters. The Hellcat Pro Comp OSP is designed to boost the shooting experience for everyone, regardless of experience level.

The integral compensator featured on the Hellcat Pro Comp is discreetly designed with a single port on the top of the hammer-forged slide and barrel. Redirecting gas upwards, the result is a pistol that delivers faster and more accurate follow-up shots. In addition, the front sight is positioned behind the compensator for an uninterrupted sight picture.

The Hellcat Pro family of pistols was designed to combine the performance of a larger handgun with class-leading concealability and capacity. This compact pistol offers 15+1 rounds of 9mm in a smaller footprint than any other gun in its class. The Hellcat Pro also ships with a 17-round extended magazine, giving shooters the ability to carry in their preferred configuration. Both 15-round and 10-round variants are also available for restricted locales.

Designed with the use of red dot optics in mind, the Hellcat Pro Comp features an OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) configuration. The slide is milled to accept the smallest, most popular micro red dots on the market. The pistol also boasts a versatile rail on the dustcover of the frame, allowing for seamless integration of your preferred accessories.

From its compact dimensions to performance capabilities reminiscent of a full-sized pistol, the Hellcat Pro Comp redefines the perfect balance for everyday carry. MSRP is $699;


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