First Impressions: Butler Creek Featherlight Multi-Purpose Sling

posted on April 28, 2020

It's one thing to hoist a slung rifle to your shoulder on the trailhead; it's quite another after you've been walking a few miles. Experienced backcountry hunters and hikers already know that once you're weighed down with your backpack, gear and hunting clothes that every single extra ounce will compound itself in a hyperbolic fashion until an 8-pound rifle begins to feel like a battleship's cannon on your shoulder. That's why we were excited to hear that Butler Creek's new Featherlight Multi-Purpose Sling is shipping to retailers nationwide, and is currently also available on Butler Creek's site (for those still under "stay at home" orders). 

What we like so much about this isn't just that the close-cell foam construction makes the Featherlight Multi-Purpose Sling 45 percent lighter than a traditional sling. It's all about comfort: With evenly spaced slots across the close-cell foam, the Featherlight sling allows trapped heat out, making it breathable. Yes, that absolutely matters--even when you're talking about gear that's only a couple of inches across--because the part of your body just under that sling tends to be the bony bits of the clavicle and shoulder. Heat under the sling causes you to sweat, and then the friction of the sling as you walk causes the sweaty weight to shift back and forth, creating bruises and blisters. 

Close-cell foam also really improves the sling's gripping ability, so it will adhere to your gear even if you're wearing slippery synthetics. Anyone who's ever tried to navigate rough terrain with a slung rifle will appreciate the fact that once on your shoulder, the Featherlight Multi-Purpose Sling will stay put. For added security when navigating rough terrain, the Featherlight sling features a large thumb loop attached to the bottom of the sling. Additional features include two built-in cartridge holders giving shooters immediate access to extra ammo should the need arise. Adjustable from 22 to 36-inches, the Featherlight sling can be easily tailored to meet the required length of any user.

The Featherlight is a true multi-purpose sling. Whether used on bolt-action, shotgun or modern sporting rifles, the Featherlight sling makes transporting any firearm into the field a breeze. Optional swivels or a conventional strap allow it to be easily added to any firearm, providing all day comfort on the most strenuous hunts.


The new Featherlight slings are available in two color options and carry an MSRP of $34.95. Click here to learn more, or to purchase!




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