Compact Muzzleloaders

posted on December 27, 2017

Muzzleloaders were a huge technological advancement in their day. They allowed people to take game at longer ranges than they ever dreamed with a bow and arrow. Muzzleloaders changed the way wars were fought and helped to bring on the Iron Age. That was a long time ago, so why would we want to step back into the past? There are many reasons. For one, they’re a way to get in touch with our roots as shooters and hunters. Traditional muzzleloaders come from a time when craftsmanship ruled and each gun was a one-off piece of artwork; they are some of the most amazing pieces in many museums. But even if you don’t care much for history, there are plenty of other reasons why you should consider using a muzzleloader. Using muzzleloaders expands your hunting opportunities. Many states offer special seasons, longer seasons and sometimes even seasons in special areas that are only available to people hunting with muzzleloaders. They also offer a unique challenge to the shooter, to achieve accuracy and instill discipline…and who doesn’t like to challenge themselves? Finally, they offer you the ability to achieve total control over the gun’s performance in a way that modern centerfire ammunition doesn’t.

TC Impact
Thompson/Center has made some of the best muzzleloaders on the market for a long time. The Impact features an adjustable buttstock which ensures shooters of all ages and sizes are paired with a reliable muzzleloader that fits them properly. It also features an ambidextrous latch system which is easy for all shooters to use. T/C has also incorporated their Triple Lead Breech Plug system into this rifle, which makes cleaning even easier. Its design reduces seizing and allows the breech plug to be removed in five revolutions. It comes standard with fiber-optic sights, but a scope can be mounted easily. The 26-inch barrel is rated for 150 grains of FFG or substitute, so it is a muzzleloader that a beginning shooter can grow on.

Knight Littlehorn
Knight is the company that put inline muzzleloaders on the map. The Littlehorn is perfect for the up-and-coming muzzleloader hunter. This handy muzzleloader features a 22-inch Green Mountain barrel and Knight’s Full Plastic Jacket technology, which gives it an edge in damp conditions. The simple cocking system is easy to use, even for a beginning shooter. Sized correctly for smaller people, the Littlehorn is a solid choice for any youth hunter. Knight offers a number of package rifles; they even have offerings in pink.

CVA Wolf
CVA recently redesigned the Wolf, which now comes in a compact version that is just the right length  for the youth or small-framed adult. With a 13-inch length of pull (LOP) in the compact version, it will fit young shooters well. An unlocking mechanism located in front of the trigger guard makes for easy access to the Quick Release Breech Plug, and the reservable hammer spur makes it a true ambidextrous gun. The 24-inch barrel will deliver good velocity, but keeps the gun from getting front heavy. It comes with CVA’s one-piece “DEAD-ON” scope mount, so all you need to add is your favorite scope and you’re ready for the woods. It comes in blued and stainless models, and the synthetic stock is available in both camo and black.

Traditions Pursuit LT Accelerator Youth
The Pursuit LT Accelerator is a break-action .50-cal. muzzleloader. Its 24-inch barrel comes equipped with the Traditions PAS (Projectile Alignment System), for easy loading and improved accuracy. It utilizes 209 shotshell primers for ignition and its 1-28-inch twist barrel is perfect for the most advanced projectiles on the market. It comes drilled and tapped for scope mounting and features a lightweight receiver, which means great balance. It weighs only 6.75 pounds. It has a dual safety system which is an important consideration for any firearm. The ambidextrous hammer spur makes it lefty-friendly.



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