Civilian Marksmanship Program Announces 2024 Junior Rifle Camps

Improve skills and work toward college opportunities at CMP’s 2024 Junior Rifle Camps!

posted on December 20, 2023
Cmp Junior Rifle Shooter
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Each year, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) hosts a premier series of hands-on, informative Junior Rifle Camps for high school-age students and coaches during the summer months. Participants in the camps receive valuable lessons on intermediate and advanced marksmanship skills through various exercises and demonstrations, all led by current collegiate rifle athletes. (All campers must have at least one adult leader in order to attend.)

The Junior Rifle Camps are designed to train rifle fundamentals and techniques through group discussions and personal guidance from experienced mentors on the firing line. The schedule also includes instructional smallbore camps for even more opportunities to learn on the range. The camps are excellent tools in developing each athlete’s strengths within the physical and mental aspects of the sport while refining trouble areas that may need more attention. 

Types of Camps:

3-Position Air Rifle: The 3-Position (3P) air rifle camps are by far the most popular camp CMP offers. Over five days, athletes will learn the fundamentals of 3P air rifle, including but not limited to how to build a stable position, how to develop and use a shot process and how to compete like a champion. Athletes will get to know other competitors of similar skill levels from around the country and learn from some of the best collegiate rifle athletes in the sport. Cost of the 3P Air Rifle Camp is $300/athlete and $75/adult chaperone.

Advanced Standing Air Rifle: The advanced standing camps are tailored for athletes who want to take their game to the next level. Whether to improve the most difficult position or to continue working toward reaching a Division 1 NCAA school, this camp is for you. The three-day camp consists of in-depth instruction that builds off the fundamentals learned at the 3P air camp. Since there is only one position to work on, athletes spend the majority of their time fine-tuning their shot process and testing out advanced positional techniques. The advanced nature of the camp also allows for group discussions and special insights on the collegiate athlete experience. Cost of the Advanced Standing Camp is $225/athlete and $75/adult chaperone.

3-Position Smallbore Camp: Similar to the 3P air camps, this four-day camp will teach athletes the fundamentals of 3-Position smallbore, with special attention given to the advanced techniques when shooting outdoors. Athletes will learn how to develop positioning, optimize equipment and to perform shot processes to the fullest in challenging but iconic Camp Perry wind conditions. With smallbore making up half of the collegiate scores, this camp also provides details and discussions related to the collegiate shooting experience. Cost of the 3P Smallbore Camp is $300/athlete and $75/adult chaperone.

Camp Dates for 2024 include:

  • 3P Camp #1 – Anniston, AL – May 27-31
  • 3P Camp #2 - Anniston, AL – June 3-7
  • 3P Camp #3 - Anniston, AL – June 10-14
  • 3P Camp #4 – Denver, CO – June 10-14
  • Standing Camp #1 – Anniston, AL – June 17-19
  • Smallbore Camp #1 – Tacoma, WA – June 25-28
  • Standing Camp #2 – Anniston, AL – June 26-28
  • Standing Camp #3 – Camp Perry, Ohio – July 1-3
  • Smallbore Camp #2 – Camp Perry, Ohio – July 1-4
  • 3P Camp #5 – Anniston, AL – July 15-19
  • 3P Camp #6 – Anniston, AL – July 22-26
  • 3P Camp #7 – Camp Perry, OH – July 29 – Aug 2

The 2024 Junior Rifle Camp schedule is also available online! View all camp information on the CMP website at Registration for the CMP Junior Rifle Camps opens Jan. 9, 2024. 



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