Carey Garrison: Rising Shooting Star

posted on October 24, 2018

At 13 years old, Carey Garrison is the USA’s reigning Junior Olympic and Junior National Champion in Junior Women’s Trap. Truly a rising star in the shotgunning world, we checked in with Carey shortly after her return from the World Championships in South Korea this fall. 

NRA Family: When people ask you what you do, what do you say? Elevator speech length.

Carey Garrison: I say I’m an international bunker trap shooter, which is the similar to American trap, but much more complicated and intense.

NRA Family: What’s your history in the shooting sports?

Carey Garrison: I have been around firearms and hunting all my life. When I was 10 years old, I signed up with the county shooting team. This is where I started shooting in the competitive shotgun sports with the SCTP & AIM programs. I competed in American Trap, Skeet and sporting clays before focusing on International Bunker Trap.

NRA Family: You’re fresh off a competition in South Korea. Any behind-the-scenes things that we should know about?

Carey Garrison: The World Championships in South Korea were an amazing opportunity for me to compete at a new level. The people were super sweet and the facility was amazing. It was really nice to meet shooters from other countries and hear their stories about competing.

NRA Family: What did you take away from your last competition? What is a strength and what is a weakness?

Carey Garrison: Training in all weather conditions is priceless. This helped me to be prepared for shooting in the pouring rain. The jet lag can be unpredictable; I felt like I learned to adjust and I will definitely take this to my next overseas competition.

NRA Family: Do you consider yourself to be an ambassador for the shooting sports? Why?

Carey Garrison: Yes, I believe I am an ambassador for the shooting sports. I looked up to other athletes who are now my teammates, I want to be someone younger shooters can look up to the same way. I hope to inspire all kids who may not think they are good enough to be competitive. Being a young shooter, I think that I am able to give encouragement and guidance with the obstacles younger shooters must overcome.

NRA Family: Have you encouraged or inspired other young women whom you know to try shooting? Do you have any stories about that?

Carey Garrison: Not too long ago, I became aware of just how much my journey has influenced other young shooters. One girl – about my age – introduced herself to me and told me that I was her biggest role model and that she used my shooting style as inspiration in her practice routine. Since then, I have seen her at several competitions and watched her transition to Bunker Trap.

NRA Family: What does the future hold?

Carey Garrison: The possibilities are endless, but hopefully representing my country in the Olympics is in the near future.

NRA Family: Is there a particular discipline in shooting sports that you’d like to try?

Carey Garrison: I tried pretty much all the shooting sports before deciding on Bunker Trap, but I would like to shoot more sporting clays.

NRA Family: Usually, young people get tremendous support from family members … what’s your story?

Carey Garrison: Ever since my first practice, my parents and brother and sister have been there supporting me. My parents are always there to offer emotional, financial and spiritual support. My sister helps me with my social media and photography. My brother has started shooting trap and is now my training partner.

NRA Family: What else do you like to do when you’re not training or shooting?

Carey Garrison: I am very active in our church and youth group activities. I also spend time with my family helping with the farm and business.

NRA Family: How can people follow you through social media?

Carey Garrison: Follow me on Instagram @carey.garrison or like my Facebook page carey.garrison.usa

Lead image courtesy USA Shooting


Trailblazer Lifecard
Trailblazer Lifecard

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