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Fun Friday Pop Quiz

Fun Friday Pop Quiz

1. Apron Strings
The only marsupial (a type of mammal that carries its young in a pouch through early infancy) that lives in North America is the _______

2. Take A Raincheck
True or False: Rainy weather can cause a slightly higher point of impact for long-range shooters.

3. Land-Lubbers
Which of the following game birds is not considered an upland bird?
a. chukar
b. snipe
c. wild turkey
d. bobwhite quail

4. Lead And Steel
Which of the following has the most effect on a shotgun's pattern?
a. gauge
b. barrel length
c. shot size 
d. choke

5. Old Blighty
True of False: The NRA adopted its original targets and scoring procedures from the English rules. 

1. opossum; 2. true; 3. b (snipe are considered migratory birds); 4. d; 5.true

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