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Atsko’s U-V Killer Camo Blaze Orange Vest

Atsko’s U-V Killer Camo Blaze Orange Vest

You know that blaze orange helps ensure your safety—as well as your legality—when you’re out hunting. But did you know that, to deer, most blaze orange shows up as a bright blue glow in the daytime, and a bright white at dawn and dusk? That’s sure to spook ‘em! Look out for yourself while making sure that the deer can’t with Atsko’s U-V_Killer Camo Blaze Orange Vest.

The special optical properties of the fabric show up as a bright, compliant blaze orange to human eyes…but all deer see are dull, muted camouflage patterns that will help you blend right in.

For more information, go to Atsko.com.

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