Wild Table with Savage Arms: Sous Vide Backstrap

How to make the best out of the best part of the deer!

posted on October 20, 2023

If you're new to deer hunting, you may not be aware that (just as with beef) there are cuts of venison that are considered more desirable than others. The venison equivalent to filet mignon is actually cut from the same muscle group as "regular" filet mignon, and it's commonly called the backstrap. This cut tends to be both thick and tender, and will be the one that most reminds your family of eating steak. But did you know that there's a very simple way to make backstraps even more tender and delicious? It's called sous vide, it requires three ingredients, and Wild Table with Savage Arms will show you how to make it happen!


  • 1 10-12” Chuck of Backstrap
  • Coarse salt and pepper (or your favorite seasoning)
  • 1-2 tablespoons olive oil


  • Sous Vide Cooker - We use the MEAT Sous Vide 4
  • Cast Iron pan
  • Aluminum Foil
  1. Trim the meat to remove silver skin and other connective tissue to leave a clean cut of meat
  2. Season with Coarse Salt and Pepper or your favorite seasoning
  3. Put in Zip Lock bag or vacuum seal bag
  4. Cook in water bath for 3 hours at 129 degrees
  5. Heat cast iron pan, remove meat from water bath and sear on all sides to create a good crust
  6. Wrap in foil for 10-15 minutes, cut and serve
  7. Drizzle BBQ sauce over sliced meat for bonus points with your guests at the end


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