Video Review: KFI Impala Plus NERO Shotgun

"Nero" means "black" in Italian, and this polymer-stocked workhorse will help keep your budget "in the black"!

posted on December 18, 2023

What do NRA Families treasure most in a shotgun? Is it accuracy, reliability or price? The answer is "yes," although most shotguns can't necessarily offer all three. That's why we were so eager to get our hands on the KFI Impala Plus shotgun, a semi-automatic, inertia-driven 12-gauge created to offer the shooting experience you would expect from a hand-made scattergun at five times the price. This shotgun’s 3” chamber cycles reliably with everything from lightweight target loads to heavy-hitting waterfowl shells. 

How did the KFI Impala Plus NERO make the grade as NRA Gun of the Week? Well, our testers found the Impala Plus NERO "excelled on the range and packs a real value for the performance-minded and cost-conscious consumer." They also noted that the black synthetic stock from which the gun draws its name ("nero" simply means "black" in Italian) gives the gun a particular feel that's unlike many others in this category. (KFI does market the Impala Plus with wooden stocks, but the cost savings--in our opinions--outstrips the benefits of traditional wood. 

Not only does the gun need to balance and swing well, it must fit properly, and with the Impala Plus, you can have a custom fit without gunsmithing bills, thanks to an included set of cast and drop shims. Furthermore, a removable cheekpiece, sling points and a rubber recoil come standard. The MSRP is a remarkable $599, one of the best prices we've seen on a shotgun this feature-rich. For more information, visit


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