SHOT 2020: Action Target "Legion" is Back-40 Fun for Everyone

posted on January 21, 2020
One of the most heartening trends we've noticed at the 2020 SHOT Show is that more and more manufacturers are creating gear that allows the average American to find ways to practice their marksmanship and enjoy plinking fun without having to pack the whole family up and head to the closest outdoor range...and Action Target's "Legion" target system is part of that trend. This is a system created for ordinary people that allows you to turn your Back 40 into a real range, complete with reactive targets that stand up to just about any kind (or caliber) of punishment you have in mind...and for a very Back 40 kind of price.

We'll start with the name: "Legion." It's a sly wink to the concept of "for we are many," and it makes perfect sense, because the Legion isn't really any one product. It's a system--a modular, scalable system that lets you start small and inexpensive and later add different elements as your interests and budget grow. It starts with your choice of one of two bases (the one pictured above is the more inexpensive one). To those bases, you can add your choice of frames and gong targets...all of which are interchangeable. If you'd like to start with just the base above and a 6-inch steel gong target, you can expect to pay...$80. Considering that amount of money would probably only cover a few weeks' worth of visits to your local range, this system will essentially "pay for itself" rapidly.

The folks at Action Target may have made the Legion system affordable, but they didn't make it cheap. This is the same high-quality steel that your professionally run range uses, capable of absorbing a projectile traveling up to 3,000 feet per second (fps). If you just read that with a tear in your eye because your .50-caliber would be too much, fret not: Simply move the Legion system further downrange (or yourself further uprange, we suppose) so that your bullet will have lost enough velocity for safety.

To learn more about Action Target, click here!



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