SHOT 2019: Tristar Compact Bullpup Shotgun

posted on January 23, 2019
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Bullpups are a man's (or a woman's) best friend...

Tristar, fresh from their Golden Bullseye win for the TriStar Bronze Viper G2 .410 shotgun, has clearly decided that they're going to keep the momentum going...and their new Compact bullpup shotgun is going to give the Bronze Viper a run for its money in terms of pure shooting fun (not to mention home defense). Tristar's Garrett Bader took some time from the insanity of the SHOT Show to explain how Tristar went about going in this new direction. 

"Our manufacturers presented the idea to us," enthused Bader, "but we instantly knew that there was a market for this little bullpup, and it's different from the usual consumers. It kind of looks like a video-game gun, doesn't it?"

It does at that, but the Tristar Compact isn't just fun and games. With a 20-inch barrel, a carrying handle/firegrip, front and rear flip-up sights, extended tactical choke tube and a vertical operating handle, this bullpup has everything it needs to delight the serious shooter. 

"The key with this shotgun is to remember that it's not a target gun, so it works best with non-target loads. You'll want to break it in a bit with 3-inch shells, because you do need that much power to get the action to cycle, but once you do that you'll fall in love with this gun," continued Bader. "And believe it or not, it's actually remarkably comfortable to shoot given that it's a 12-gauge. I can shoot this all day."

With an MSRP of $699, the Tristar compact is also remarkably affordable...and available now. Click here for more details!


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