NRA Warns Against Scams Heading Into 153rd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

NRA emphasizes the importance of vigilance against predatory practices rampant in the Tradeshow Industry.

posted on May 2, 2024
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As the 153rd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas draws near, the NRA emphasizes the importance of vigilance against predatory practices rampant in the Tradeshow Industry. Exhibitors and attendees should be wary of various deceptive tactics, spanning from tradeshow services to hotel accommodations, attendee lists, and advertising claims. While some offers may be genuine, many are scams that could lead to financial loss without the promised services or outcomes. Some of the most common include:

1. Hotel Rooms/Fake Booking Agents: For the 2024 show, the NRA has partnered with ConferenceDirect as the Official Housing Partner for the Annual Meetings. Scammers may impersonate legitimate hotel representatives or housing bureaus, offering discounted rates to exhibitors and attendees. However, these offers often result in nonexistent reservations or subpar accommodations.

2. Advertising Sales: Scammers lure exhibitors with false promises of exposure through publications, event guides, or online platforms, exaggerating their reach and effectiveness. Some vendors misrepresent advertising channels and ROI, persuading exhibitors to purchase ad space based on misleading claims.

3. Attendee List Sales: Beware of scammers claiming access to comprehensive attendee lists and offering to sell this data to exhibitors. The NRA does not sell or distribute attendee lists for the Annual Meetings, so any such offer is a scam.

To avoid falling victim to scams, exhibitors and attendees should:

- Research vendors and service providers thoroughly before committing.

- Use NRA Official Partners to ensure legitimacy and quality.

- Exercise caution with unsolicited offers and refrain from providing personal or financial information without verification.

When in doubt, contact the NRA Shows and Exhibits Division to verify that offers or solicitations are from Official Partners. By remaining informed and vigilant, exhibitors and attendees can safeguard themselves against common tradeshow scams.


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