MidwayUSA Foundation to Match Customer Donations on Giving Tuesday

Mark your calendar for November 28 and give to a youth shooting team or organization through MidwayUSA Foundation.

posted on November 20, 2023
Midwayusa Giving Tuesday Lede
Image courtesy facebook.com/MidwayUSAFoundation

This year’s Global Day of Giving, Giving Tuesday, is on November 28 and it is the perfect day to invest in the next generation of shooters, hunters and conservationists. The MidwayUSA Foundation is making that easier than ever this year! If you're not familiar with the MidwayUSA Foundation, it's a public charity that funds youth shooting sports thanks to the generosity of Larry and Brenda Potterfield, MidwayUSA's founders.

Giving Tuesday is the largest day of the year for MidwayUSA Foundation, and this year the organization hopes it'll be the biggest one yet. The goal is to raise $300,000 in one day. Donors that give to their favorite youth shooting team or organization through midwayusafoundation.org can expect their contribution to be matched and know that 100% of that donation will benefit the endowment of their choice because no portion of the donation is used to cover operating expenses.

Every shooting team that receives a donation on Giving Tuesday will be entered to win $1,000, and top-earning teams will also be awarded. The top five teams of the day will earn additional endowment funds ($8,000/$7,000/$6,000/$5,000/$4,000). There are approximately 2,800 youth shooting teams funded by MidwayUSA Foundation and nearly 80 organizations, including SCTP, USAYESS, USA Shooting and Houston Safari Club Foundation.

A MidwayUSA Foundation endowment provides an annual cash grant to cover the myriad of expenses that youth shooting programs incur. Covering the cost of ammunition, competition fees, targets, or travel can allow more young athletes the chance to participate in shooting sports. Often, shooting sports athletes become future hunters and conservationists too. Mark your calendar for November 28 and give to a youth shooting team or organization through MidwayUSA Foundation!


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