Inexpensive Ammunition Rated for Effectiveness

posted on April 3, 2016
It's a dilemma for many shooters: Although you insist on top-quality ammunition for hunting and home defense, you know you have to practice on the range to make sure you're as accurate as you can be. However, using premium ammunition for target practice can put a real hurting on your wallet. For many shooters, the solution is to put in the majority of their range time with budget ammunition, only loading up with premium for the last few shots to ensure that the premium is performing as they expect. But whether you're engaging in serious practice for serious pursuits or just casually punching holes in targets for fun, you don't want your budget ammo to cause failures-to-feed, hangfires or other problems that need fixing on the firing line. Our friends at Shooting Illustrated recently tackled this conundrum with a comprehensive review of some of the most common inexpensive ammunition on the market. Don't miss Richard Mann's in-depth analysis, here!


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