Escort's DF12: a Modern Sporting Shotgun

The AR-15 platform is ideal for shotguns, too ... might this budget-friendly scattergun be your new home-defense gun?

posted on October 25, 2022
Escort Df12 Lede

The AR-15 platform isn't just for rifles! The AR-15-style chassis is, in fact, perfect for home defense. As NRA Family readers no doubt already know, the ideal home-defense shotgun has a relatively short barrel to allow for close-quarters manipulation. The ideal home-defense shotgun also has a capacity for more than three shells. The ideal home-defense shotgun has multiple chokes for buckshot, slugs and birdshot. It should also cycle both 3" and 2¾" shotshells. The ESCORT DF12, a true modern sporting shotgun, boasts all these features and more. 

The DF12 is crafted from a tough aircraft-grade alloy, so its overall weight comes in at 8.9 lbs. The total length is only 36.7", with 18" of that being barrel. It's fed from a five-round magazine, for a 5+1 capacity. The DF12 is chambered in 3" magnum, and will cycle both 3" and 2¾" loads without hesitation.

Modern sporting shotguns need to be built tough, and the DF12 is a veritable juggernaut. The upper and lower receivers are overbuilt with a robust construction that is meant to take a beating. It comes with an ESCORT standard oxidation resistant, chrome-plated, drilled steel barrel. Each barrel is proof tested at the factory to ensure the utmost strength. A muzzle cover protects the barrel and locks the forend into place, adding to the robustness and modularity of this shotgun platform.

As one of ESCORT’s VTS models, this semi-automatic shotgun runs on a gas-powered system similar to those found in traditional auto-loading shotguns, but without the added bulk of a tube below the barrel. Field-stripping and cleaning are a breeze with the DF12. The upper and lower receivers are detachable, much like their modern sporting rifle counterparts, allowing enthusiasts to feel at home with this shotgun. The DF12 also includes a fixed tactical stock, an integrated pistol grip and a manual trigger safety switch for a safe shooting experience. MSRP $699;




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