Brownells ESG Essentials Kits

posted on August 29, 2014
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undefinedAll you preppers and survival junkies, look no further! Brownells has released seven new ESG Essentials Kits, and to go along with them, a three-part video series. The videos show how to prepare for emergencies at home, work and in the car. The kits include a power kit, hygiene kit, all-in-one kit, emergency home kit, water filtration kit, civil unrest kit and an emergency gun bag kit. Prices range from $30 up to $700. These kits are an easy, quick way to have what you need for emergencies, in handy labeled organizer bags.

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Power Kit- $149.99
▪    Solar chargers
▪    Rechargeable batteries
▪    Car adapter
▪    Organizer bag

Hygiene Kit- $29.99
▪    Organizer bag
▪    Soap
▪    Toiletries
▪    Sunscreen
▪    Anti-fungal foot cream
▪    Anti-bacterial wipes
▪    Water purification tablets
▪    Survival towels

All-in-One Kit- $379.99
▪    Power Kit
▪    Goal Zero Guide 10 Kit
▪    Goal Zero Rechargeable AAA Batteries
▪    Surefire CR123 Batteries-6 Pack
▪    UST Volt XL-Black
▪    Organizer Bag
▪    ESG Essentials Power Kit Patch
▪    United Spirit OK 72 Hour Kit
▪    Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Medical Wipes
▪    UST Survival Towel-2 Pack
▪    Organizer Bag
▪    ESG Essentials Hygiene Kit Patch

Emergency Home Kit- $299.99
▪    Mountain House Just In Case Essentials
▪    Sawyer All-In-One Filter
▪    Coleman Candles
▪    Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care All Purpose First Aid Kit
▪    UST Pico Glo Lantern
▪    Industrial Revolution Pocket Stove with Fuel
▪    Midland Crank Radio
▪    Solio Bolt
▪    Duracell Pro Cell AA Batteries
▪    Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries
▪    Streamlight Headlamp
▪    Plano Small Sportsmans Storage Trunk

Water Filtration Kit- $59.99
▪    Sawyer mini water filtration system
▪    Chlorine dioxide tablets
▪    Oral IV additive
▪    Organizer bag

Civil Unrest Kit- $109.99
▪    Organizer bag
▪    Pro Mag Archangel
▪    Defense Pen
▪    OC Spray
▪    Baton
▪    Folding knife

Emergency Gun Bag- $699.99

▪    Remington Universal Cleaning Kit
▪    Break Free Weapon Wipes, 24 Pack
▪    Ontario Survival Knife
▪    Burris Lens Pen
▪    2 Brownells 20rd Magazines
▪    ASP Airweight Baton
▪    Top Cop .68oz Spray
▪    E.A.R. Ultra-Fit Ear Plugs, Corded w/Case
▪    Brownells Clear Shooting Glasses
▪    Gerber Dime Multi-Tool
▪    Gerber Gator Machete Jr.
▪    Brownells Versatile Light
▪    Streamlight Micro Light
▪    Streamlight Trident Headlamp
▪    Adventure Medical Adventure Trauma Pack
▪    Adventure Medical Kits Afterbite
▪    Brownells AR Multitasker
▪    Ace Camp Survival Multi-Tool Shovel
▪    Condor Outdoors Products Black Shemagh
▪    Coleman Lightsticks 2 pk
▪    Coleman Emergency Candles, 2 pk
▪    TurboFlame V Flame
▪    UST Butane Fuel
▪    Balm Shot
▪    Stansport Camp Blanket
▪    Rite-In-The-Rain Notebook
▪    Rite-In-The-Rain Pen
▪    LifeStraw
▪    Camelbak Eddy Hydration Bottle
▪    Coleman Campers Toilet Paper
▪    Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Bath Wipes-Travel Size
▪    Midland Pocket Radio
▪    Duracell Pro Cell AAA Batteries
▪    Surefire 123 6 pk batteries
▪    Voo Doo Tactical 50 ft Paracord
▪    SOL Fire Lite Kit
▪    Condor Outdoor Products 3 Day Assault Pack
▪    ESG Essentials Patch


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