5 Reasons Squirrel Hunting is Perfect For Families

Why is squirrel hunting tailor-made for families? I'm so glad you asked!

Kids and Dove Hunting: How Young Is Too Young?

Tips on how to know when a youngster is ready, and how to ensure it’s a positive experience.

1 Million New Hunters and More to Come

It’s a “try before you buy” program to increase the number of hunters.

First Hunts Lead to a Lifetime of Hunting Tradition

If you have an opportunity to head out on a hunt this season, make a day to bring along your young hunter.

Become a Better Hunter with the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

For nearly a century, the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program has helped youngsters and adults alike become better shooters. But don't think qualification shooting is just about punching paper. Shooting with a purpose can make you and your kids better hunters, and it's not bad for family bonding, either.

10th Annual QDMA National Youth Hunt a Smashing Success

Eleven young hunters earned nine deer and one well as a new respect for hunter safety and conservationism.


Get an inside look at the Youth Hunter Education Challenge.


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