How to Score a Whitetail Trophy

What do all those numbers mean when you're measuring antlers?

Can You Keep Deer From Wiping Out A Food Plot?

So you're trying to develop a food plot, but the local whitetail are tearing it up before it's ready. Is the anything you can do?

How Far is Too Far to Shoot?

Some rules of thumb for the new hunter.

What's it Like to Be a Wildlife K-9 Officer On Opening Day?

Opening day is exciting for everyone--here's what it's like for law enforcement.

Bucks Make Noise

A newbie gets schooled by a whitetail deer.

How to Scout For Whitetail Deer

There's no one-size-fits-all approach...but here's where to start.

6 Ways to Avoid Being a "Whitetail Widower"

A "whitetail widower" is someone who gets left behind while their wife has all the fun.

Field-Judging Deer For Dummies

Should you take the shot or not?

Not Just a Campfire Tale: How One Teen Took a Monster Buck

A bet with Dad (loser has to eat a cricket) leads to hunting victory.

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