Light Primer Strikes

Gun Safety: What Are Misfires/Hangfires?

These terms have made it into popular slang, but they're potentially dangerous events. Here's how to spot them, and what to do.

Gun Safety: How to Clean Your Gun

Keeping your gun clean helps keep it working properly, which is an important part of gun safety!

Please Don't Do These 6 Things at a Public Range

It's all about gun safety, courtesy towards others and also gun safety. (Yes, we said it twice!)

How to Rack a Semi-Auto Pistol Slide

Next in our "no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to gun safety" series, here are the basics of racking a pistol's slide.

What to Expect From an NRA Hunter Education Course

Even if you've never picked up a gun before, NRA Hunter Education will give you everything you need to know for a safe hunt!

How to Grip a Handgun: Do's and Don'ts

A critical part of gun safety is simply knowing how to properly hold your handgun.

Gun Safety: Damascus Barrels & Smokeless vs. Black Powder

Damascus steel is beautiful, striking ... and not adequate as a barrel material for modern ammo. Here's what you should know.

VIDEO: Henry Repeating & 22Plinkster on Introducing Kids to Gun Safety and Hunting

A lifetime of enjoyment always starts with learning the basics of firearm safety, as trick shooter Dave Nash demonstrates.

How to Prevent Ricochet

Rick O'Shea is a troublesome lad, but it's easy to banish him from your range time. Here's how.

How Far Can a Bullet Travel?

Here's why it's critical to observe NRA's gun safety rule about knowing your target ... and what lies beyond it.

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