Junior Hunters: Win a Free Mule Deer Hunt at Tejon Ranch!

A terrific guided deer hunt, perfect for beginners.

5 Must-See First Deer Hunt Videos

Parents across the country capture their children's first hunt on camera and upload them to YouTube. We scoured the internet to find the best, most heart-wrenchingly real of these videos, and this is the fruit of that labor.

First Deer Hunt Yields a Trophy Boar, Too

Vista Outdoor Rep Uses Savage Rifle and .243 Win. Ammo to Take Down 182-pounder.

Daughter Makes Adorable Daddy Got a Deer Phone Call

Investing in future generations of hunters starts well before a gun is in their hand. This dad took his son and daughter out on a hunt to watch, and the follow-up phone call to mom is priceless.

A Most Improbable Hunt

Every great hunt requires proper planning and a little bit of luck, but two sisters were blessed with the ultimate experience of a lifetime during the Missouri November youth hunt.

Alicia's Big-Buck Luck

Patience is a virtue, and proves a helpful one for Alicia LaFever on the last day of her New York youth season hunt.


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