Why Cant I Hit Doves Istock

I Can Break Clays; Why Can't I Hit Doves?

The short answer is that you're at a Ph.D.-level course in wingshooting ... but we have a cheat sheet.

Throwback Thursday: Minié Ball & America's Civil War

Minié Ball ammunition: A French bullet that starred in the American Civil War.

10 Things to Bring on Your Dove Hunt

Get ready for opening day of dove season ... it's just around the corner!

Shotgun Games: Clays on the Continent

Think you’re a pretty good clay-target shooter? The best of the best compete on an international stage.

Throwback Thursday: Lewis & Clark Vs. Grizzly Bears

The explorers had never encountered anything quite like America's grizzlies ... and it fostered something like an obsession.

Outdoor Careers: Wildland Firefighter

What is it really like to be on the fire line, breathing the smoke and feeling the heat?

Throwback Thursday: Battle of Fallen Timbers

A tornado hit the woods...and then things got really messy.

Throwback Thursday: Frederic Remington, Capturing the American West

The story behind those iconic images of America's disappearing frontier.

Outdoor Careers: Shooting Range Manager

Is this a dream job for you? Then read on!

How to Shoot Bears (With Cameras)

Here's how to get the shot of a lifetime safely.

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