Cody Firearms Museum Lede

NRA Family Vacations: Cody Firearms Museum

Located at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, it's a must-see for NRA Families!

Throwback Thursday: 3 Rifles of the Buffalo Hunters

What did 19th-century marksmen use to take down animals that weigh a (literal) ton?

Throwback Thursday: Buffalo Hunting EAST of the Mississippi

You've heard a lot about Western bison hunting in the past. But there's more to the story...much more.

Fun Friday: the Cape Buffalo's Bad Attitude

Looking at you like you owe him money...

Throwback Thursday: Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Creating the legend of the Wild West even as it happened.

Throwback Thursday: Annie Oakley's Guns

She may only have been 5 feet tall, but this shooter's shadow is a century long.

Don't be Buffaloed

It's not a buffalo, it's a bison...and it's a pretty cool critter.

All About the Cape Buffalo

Looking at you like you owe him money...


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