Lefever Damascus

Gun Safety: Damascus Barrels & Smokeless vs. Black Powder

Damascus steel is beautiful, striking ... and not adequate as a barrel material for modern ammo. Here's what you should know.

First Impressions: Lone Wolf Dawn Barrels for SIG 365 & 365XL

Lone Wolf may be best known for Glock parts, but a new dawn is breaking ... 365 days a year!

Dangerous Game Rifles: Double-Rifle Barrels & Drillings

In America, if you see a double-barreled gun, it's almost certainly a shotgun. Not so overseas!

Gun Barrels: How Does Rifling Work?

Rifling is one of the most important innovations in firearms technology.

How to Shoot Shotgun Slugs Accurately

Here's how to get the best performance from your slug gun.

Smith & Wesson Issues Safety Recall on M&P12 Shotgun

Please read the following important safety notice!

What Is the Best Gun Barrel Material?

Because not all metals are created equal...

Weird (Ammunition) Science: Shotgun Slugs

Our series on ballistic projectiles continues.

How Are Gun Barrels Enhanced? (Pt. 2)

Diving into the nitty-gritty of how guns are made...and how they're made well.

What Is the Best Barrel Material?

Because not all metals are created equal...

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