Quantrills Raiders

Throwback Thursday: Quantrill's Raiders

During the American Civil War, they called it "Bleeding Kansas." This is the story of the man who bled it.

Throwback Thursday: What's the Most Historically Important Machine Gun?

The very first machine guns appeared in the late 19th century ... but which one cast the longest shadow? American Rifleman TV investigates.

Throwback Thursday: Evolution of the Deer Rifle

It may be accepted wisdom that warfare shaped the evolution of the modern rifle, but that accepted wisdom ignores the fact that the necessities of hunting did, too.

Throwback Thursday: Wally Johnson, the Last Ivory Hunter

In 1937 Mozambique, elephants were so overpopulated that people were dying. There, Wally Johnson made his legend.

Throwback Thursday: How Handguns Shaped World War I (& Vice-Versa)

As the face of war changed, so did the guns we used to fight it: a look at the necessity that mothered inventions.

Throwback Thursday: The Revolutionary Kentucky Long Rifle

From its humble beginnings in the late 18th century to its enduring legacy in popular culture, the Kentucky Long Rifle stands as a testament to American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Throwback Thursday: Meet John Henry Pruitt & the Trench Heroes of WWI

American bravery in the first World War was writ large and small, and punctuated with buckshot and bullets.

Throwback Thursday: World War I's "Cousins" Unite

A mere century earlier, America and Britain were at war. But by 1915, the family feud was over.

Throwback Thursday: Pheasants, Then & Now

If Christmas came on the Fourth of July and it also happened to be your birthday, you might have some idea of what a first pheasant is like…”

Throwback Thursday: WWI's "Harlem Hellfighters"

These unsung heroes of the trenches overcame segregationist policies and racist attitudes ... and everything the Germans threw at them.

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