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National Rifle Association Celebrates August as National Shooting Sports Month

The NRA is once again honored to partner with NSSF to promote and support National Shooting Sports Month

How Will You Celebrate Shooting Sports Month in 2023?

August is National Shooting Sports Month, and we have some great ideas for how to celebrate.

National Rifle Association to Celebrate August as National Shooting Sports Month

Now is the time to bring a friend or first-time gun owner along to mentor and introduce them to the sports and practice safe, responsible firearm use.

NSSF: $100K in Grants for Hunter & Shooter Recruitment

The 2021 round of the Hunting Heritage Trust Grant program is now open for application.

NRA's "How to Talk About Hunting": Free Webinar and Book

How to explain the benefits of this time-honored tradition to those who don't understand.

3 Sweet Gun & Gear Giveaways to Enter Now

If there's anything better than guns and gear, it's free guns and gear.

Hunting Works For America!

It's time for hunters to tell our dollars and cents.

By the Numbers: $20 Billion For Conservation

If hunting, fishing and target shooting were a corporation, it would rank #25 on the Fortune 500.

Hunting and Shooting Sports: Safer Than Ever

Believe it or not, shooting and hunting are some of the least dangerous sports.

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