Air Gun Gifts Fike

How to Choose the Best Gift Air Gun

Doing a little planning and thinking beforehand will result in a happier recipient.

How to Find the Best Location for Your Deer Stand

Just as in real estate, the key to filling your freezer is location, location, location.

Reviewed: Beeman Model 1358 .22 Bullpup Airgun

Remarkable accuracy, great fit and finish, and a price under $300? We're listening ...

5 Tips to Drop Deer Where They Stand

If you have the chance to keep your quarry from running, take it! Here's how to maximize your chances.

Reviewed: Marksman 1018 BB Pistol

Want to practice your handgunning skills in your backyard without bothering the neighbors?

How to Hunt Early-Season Wood Ducks

These gorgeous game birds make for terrific hunting ... and even better eating. Here's what you should know.

Reviewed: Umarex Legends P-08 Airgun

Want a firing replica of one of the Allied Forces' most desired war trophies of World War II?

Reviewed: Umarex Legends German MP 40 Airgun

This replica CO2-powered airgun is an affordable piece of 20th Century history.

Is Your Family Ready for Dove Season?

Have you made plans to make this season opener the one the whole family talks about for years to come?

Reviewed: Umarex Legends M1A1 "Tommy" BB Gun

A historical, fully automatic, look-alike BB gun that is fun to shoot is within your grasp. Look no further than the Legends M1A1 for a nice display piece that churns out BBs blazingly fast!

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